Make/Believe London Premiere

  So it happened. A thought conjured in my mind a year ago came to fruition, with alot of help from my friends. I was proud yet humbled by the presence of my closest associates and friends acting as a first loving audience of Make/Believe. The premiere, at Mondrian London is part of a series of screenings scheduled around the world – Paris, Milan, Sao Paolo, Istanbul and in various Fashion Film festivals. In December, it will be available online.

Make/Believe is a nuanced personal portrait that strives to deconstruct the carefully constructed imagery and aesthetics of the influencer industry, with myself as a case study. The result is polarizing. Irrelevant or relevant? Inspirational or a loser? Confronting questions and issues that have never been revealed before, the influencer industry or personal, is placed under the microscope. Whatever the decision, the answer is in the film. Make/Believe is about the construction of truth, whatever that may be.

Thank you to everyone who supported this endeavour, before, during and after the making of this film. Your support has been invaluable.


Photos: Antonis Hadjimichael

Videos: Constantinos Nicolaou

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