NYC Must-Do’s 2019

Welcome to the land of flux! I visit NYC about three times a year and in some ways it is always the same, and constantly in flux, changing right in front of you. A city that has embraced change like no other. This change can be tasted through its many restaurants, old and new, smelled in its coffee places and witnessed on its communal tables, or by its bar stools. This is our updated New York list!

1. Egg shop – This playful aesthetic will definitely make you want to spend more time here, more time to try more selections of more than 100 inventive egg dishes! Trust me. This Soho joint, will not disappoint.
2. La Mercerie – Because New York is nothing if it isn’t international, heres an all-day French cafe/bakery. Celebrate everyday French food and drink. Comfort.
3. The Hoxton, Williamsburg – What characterizes this hotel renovated from a former industrial building are the floor to ceiling windows offering unimpeded views of Manhattan and Brooklyn. For once, you won’t have to choose if you should cross the bridge or not. It’s all there in plain sight!
4. Celestine – This Eastern Mediterranean restaurant really adds to the already existing array of culinary adventures you could go on in New York City.  An extra perk? Located in a LEED Gold Certified Building. Welcome to the future of green living in the City!
5. Red Farm – How more fitting would a classic farmhouse feel be, in the Village? Farm to Table, take the chance to enjoy the legendary Pac Man dumplings!
6. Marta – Want a slice? Try a thin, crackly-crusted pizza by Chef Lena Ciardullo in a community feel space!
7. Abc Kitchen – This place really pushes the envelope of green living and eating! No pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers,insecticides or CMOs! An American eatery back to basics!
8. Lexington Candy Shop – An all-time favorite. Founded in 1925, its the gift that keeps on giving. Classic New York at your fingertips and tastebuds. Try the tuna melt!
9. Atla – A place you can come to over and over again at any time of the day! Contemporary Mexican cuisine and the everlasting majesty of mescals.
10. Cosme – Never a dull moment here. Chef Enrique Olveras wordly and contemporary Mexican food offers an experience. Go for it.
Photos: @JoshFromny

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