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Canada, oh Canada! My first time in this vast land, left me wanting more. I had the opportunity to visit Montreal, for a chance to take a peek at the Aldo headquarters! wow! Montreal, within the Quebec province is a primarily Francophone province, but multilingual as-well, and it has transformed this city into a cosmopolitan, globalized hub of cultures. A location with over 4,000 years of history, as archaeological evidence of First Nations people have been found, its development has been consistent, and doesn’t seem to be stopping! The industrial and financial centre of Canada, not only furnishes Canadas economy, but reflects this ingenuity, and entrepreneurship in its build landscape. Buckminister Fullers world famous geodesic domes, or the striking Habitat 67 complex are key examples of this forward – looking city. Apart from these statement visions, my friends at Aldo introduced to the crevices of the city aswell! Here they are:

  1. Bar George: A Wood-panelled space with gold fixtures bringing out a nostalgic and charming atmosphere. with classic British cuisine. Great for a Sunday roast!
  2. Cafe Saint-Henri: Looking for great coffee and a functional working space in case you had to mix traveling with work and pleasure ? here is the place!
  3. Etat de Choc: So.much.chocolate. A beautiful, minimally designed shop and a contemporary art gallery with chocolate canvases. Worth a visit both for the sense of sight and taste!
  4. Death of Vinyl: Reflecting the cities multiple layers and crevices here is Montreal’s largest used vinyl shop. Run by musical encyclopaedias – friendly and eager to help. One vinyl find leads to another.
  5. Boulangerie Guillaume: Here is another classic stop with this bakery which uses traditional methods of bread-making. Loaves, baguettes and savoury treats. Known for chocolate crisp cookies. Addictive.
  6. Cafe SAT: For a coffee lover this place was ideal. Beans from a different coffee roaster every month!A calm, inspiring working atmosphere. Interestingly,More than a coffee shop – a space for networking and learning with regular meet-ups organised by the café. A non-profit company.
  7. Cafe Saint-Henri Quartier Latin: Tasty coffee and warm croissants in a cosy, modern interior. Breads so good they run out by the afternoon!
  8. Roof-terrace of William Grey Hotel: This space is perfect for views of Montreal from above. Relaxing lunchtime atmosphere, more lively in the evening. I dont leave a city unless I have seen it from above!
  9. Lake Le Petit Navire Private Boat Tour: They offers 45-minute and 2 hour tours. They are ideal for dinner! You get to experience the city in all its pathways! Once you have walked around Montreal, the lake is the next level.
  10. Marcus restaurant at Four Seasons: Re-imagined traditional brasserie by the visionary chef Marcus Samuelsson. Late night cocktails on the third floor terrace and extraordinary food throughout the day is a must.
  11. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: The city’s largest museum – a vast collection, 5 buildings connected underground – a quiet atmosphere and a very interesting Fashion exhibition, one could easily spend hours exploring this beautifully curated museum.
  12. Bota Bota Spa: A historic ferryboat converted into a floating spa – a great opportunity to relax and enjoy beautiful views, a strict no-phone policy ensures relaxation while visitors may enjoy sauna and massage services, ideal after a long summer day. Enjoy Montreal !


Photos: Pat Domingo

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